Sumy plant
rubber products

  Sumy Plant of Rubber Products is a modern multidisciplinary industrial enterprise that traditionally produces high quality products that are in great demand among the population, industrial enterprises and organizations.
RPA “SPRP” LLC specializes in the production of rubber products (molded, non-molded, rubber compounds, regenerate, rubber crumbs)
    The existing enterprise was put into operation in 1952. Its first products are natural rubber. After the reconstruction, which lasted for four years, the production of regenerate began – a product of recycling of used tires, which is widely used in the tire and rubber industries as a partial replacement for rubber resin. The growing needs of the national economy required further expansion of production, development of new products. In 1964, a molding shop was put into operation, where today a large list of rubber products for the production of various machines and mechanisms is produced.
    The main consumers of the products are large production associations of agricultural and chemical engineering and railway carriage.

    One of the main types of products manufactured by the company are molded rubber products and technical plates. According to the method of production, the products are made by cast or compressor method. Depending on the operating conditions, it is made of rubber compounds that can withstand high and low air temperatures, the environment of oils and gasoline, acids and alkalis, have elastic properties and varying degrees of hardness.