Tire regenerate of the RShTN

Tire regenerate of the RShTN type is received by a thermomechanical method from automobile tires. Regenerate is available in rolls used for the production of rubber products for various purposes (in tire industry, production of RTG). The tire regenerate meets the requirements of TU U 6-25521987.009-2000 "Thermomechanical tire regenerate".

Screw pair geometry «L» D8-1,5 (3)

Screw pair

The company established the production of the most popular screw pairs for plastering stations and concrete pumps for pouring floors. The screw pair is made of high-quality materials using a unique technology. The inner part of the stator is made of a strong, elastic rubber compound, which extends the service life of the screw pair, in addition, the manufacturer LLC "NVO "SZGTV" managed to make the best price offer without compromising quality. Screw pairs of our production are 10-15% cheaper than the average market price and are not inferior to imported analogues

Rubber crumb

Rubber crumb

Rubber crumb is produced by processing waste molded and non-molded rubber products. It is intended for production of rubber products and is applied to a covering of sports grounds. The fraction from 1 mm to 3 mm corresponds to TU 38 3058-87.

Rubber car foot pads (stripe)

Technical plates

Technical plates are the source material for the production of cutting parts of various shapes, used for sealing fixed assemblies, for the manufacture of gaskets that prevent friction between metal surfaces and various mechanisms, for the perception of single shock loads, as well as gaskets, decking and other sealing products .

Rubber rolled compound GX-1976

Rubber compounds

The company has the ability to manufacture rubber compounds for a variety of sealing and cushioning products. It is made according to TU U 600152135.040-96:

Sumy Plant of Rubber Products