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Rubber compounds

Картинка резиновая смесь Суми ГХ-1751

Rubber rolled compound 


GX-1751 – rubber rolled compound belongs to the category of special, group IX, used for the manufacture of semi-ebonite and ebonite products. It is made according to
TU U 600152135.040-96. 

Картинка смесь резиновая каландрованая ГХ-2566

Rubber rolled compound 


GX-2566 - rubber rolled compound is an acid-alkali resistant rubber compound used in the field of chemical engineering. It is made according to TU U 600152135.040-96.

Картинка смесь резиновая каландрованая сумы ГХ-1976

Rubber rolled compound 


GX-1976 - rubber rolled compound designed for rolling, also used in the manufacture of parts for the chemical industry. It is made according to TU U 600152135.040-96.

The company has the ability to manufacture rubber compounds for a variety of sealing and cushioning products.
It is made according to TU U 600152135.040-96:

Rubber compound 6190;
Rubber compound IRP-1348;
Rubber compound IRP-1346;
Rubber compound NO-68-1;
Rubber compound 9831;
Rubber compound IRP-1068;
Rubber compound 3826;
Rubber compound 3825;
Rubber compound IRP-1347;
Rubber compound 3311;
Rubber compound IRP-1293;
Rubber compound 51-1627;
Rubber compound 7B-14;
Rubber compound B-14-1;
Rubber compound 7130. 


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